In INFORMED on January 23, 2011 at 1:54 am

June 20, 2014: Obviously, a lot of the material posted here is dated but is still pertinent in context of documenting all the various efforts by an enormous number of people to bring an end to the prohibition of cannabis-hemp.

What is NEW is that public opinion has shifted dramatically since this blog was created, with nearly everyone now seeing the wisdom of eradicating our failed war on drugs.

In this light there  is now a clamor for legislative action to bring policy into compliance with reality, to which we say bravo…!!!  And encourage you to get involved by clicking here

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“Perhaps nowhere is the DEA more vicious and totally untruthful as in the issue of Medicinal Cannabis…” — Alternet, January 10, 2011

Fear Mongering: From Cannabis to Cold Fusion


Maine Representative Diane Russell (PDF)

Iowa 7th District Senior Associate Judge Douglas McDonald

Pat Robertson, founder of The Christian Coalition

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

What is the Federal Law on Medical Cannabis use? (PDF)

What does the American Medical Association (AMA) say about Medical Cannabis? (PDF)

What does Dr. Lester Grinspoon, world’s leading authority on cannabis use, say about Medical Cannabis? (PDF)


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