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In ACTION on January 23, 2011 at 1:56 am

June 26, 2011: PAUL REVERE RALLY…!!!

Help spread the good news that <ding-dong> the drug-war is dead…!!! Stake claim on higher ground… download and share the Paul Revere Rally news release (PDF). Also, see “Notes to the Choir” on the TEAPOT tab of this site…

“The Eagle Has Landed: Voice of the Arkansas Teapot Party,” a resource newsletter about ending the prohibition of cannabis-hemp and terminating the drug-war, is now available in PDF, ready to print and share.  Print ‘two-sided’ (front and back) to save paper. Distribute freely as PDF…

Get involved with one of these groups:

Arkansas Teapot Party
Arkansas Teapot Party Meetups (PDF), generic promo flyer to help YOU get started in your own backyard!!
Central Arkansas NORML
Arkansans for Medical Cannabis

Sign and Circulate Petitions

Online Petitions:

National Debate on Cannabis: Submission deadline:  May 2, 2011, in preparation for May 4th, 2011 event in Washington DC
Medical Cannabis in Arkansas
Petition to End Cannabis-Hemp Prohibition in Maine

PDF Petitions:

Print out the ones below and carry them with you everywhere. Don’t be shy… it is (respectfully) your right and your duty as a US Citizen to petition our government for redress… GET INVOLVED… and let’s get this job done!!!

Petition for Medical Cannabis in Arkansas (PDF)
Petition to End Cannabis-Hemp Prohibition in Arkansas (PDF)

And remember, it’s never too late to Send A Valentine to YOUR Legislators!!!!

It’s the thought that counts!!!! Show your support for Medical Cannabis…! Send a Valentine to OUR legislators. Let them know you care!!! Send any Valentine you like, or print and send our custom design, featuring the original art of celebrated Arkansas Artist Sven Svenson…!!! Click here to learn more!!!